Thursday, April 3, 2014

Kiss kiss kiss

A quick and belated Valentine's pattern for your smartphone!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

[Things I Love] Face

This time last year, I complained about when it had failed to rise above freezing for an entire week. It hasn't risen above freezing for the past month or so. Foot, meet mouth. That being said, I haven't been doing much of anything except sleeping and going to work. I have a fun, new series I'm formulating so I hope to post about it soon. I'm procrastinating on making art by posting other subjects of note.

I care way more about my skin than I do about my hair. That's probably why my hair hasn't been longer than shoulder-length since high school. I have no patience for it, however I nurture my face. I will not succumb to wrinkles by 26. I use new products all the time because I love buying and trying new things. Here's what I've been loving lately.

from l to r: Giovanni Volcanic Ash Exfoliator, Boots No. 7 Expert Shine Control Lotion, 
Kiehl's Yerba Mate Tea Toner, Korres White Tea Gel Cleanser, Roc Daily Resurfacing Pads,
 Kate Sommerville D-Scar Serum, Bosica Luminizing Black Mask

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

[FILM] Only God Forgives

I recently watched Only God Forgives, directed by Nicolas Winding Refn and starring Ryan Gosling. I loved their work together in Drive and I will stare at Ryan Gosling no matter what the context. Unfortunately, the film itself was rather boring. Lots of staring and long drawn out stretches of silence in the dialogue. If you're into that, I would suggest watching it as it is on Netflix. The film itself was beautiful and I was really drawn to the colors and cinematography. I did some pulls below!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


We're currently in the middle of ANOTHER polar vortex in NYC (the remix) and I am hoping and praying and wishing for spring earlier rather than later.

One of my resolutions or goals for 2014 is to be positive, more-so than I am already. Saying yes to things, being more proactive, not choosing to be lazy about things. I've sort of accomplished that by the regular upkeep of this blog (ha!) but I want it in all things.

I love the trend of hand-lettering in terms of typography lately and it makes me feel better about not being a full fledged calligrapher (yet). I decided to try my hand at some cute and fun phrases. Some of them (aka 2) are affirmations and reminders to keep on the path I'm heading.

La Nuit est a nous - "The Night is ours"

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Dark Girls, Pt. 2

3 more looks of my series below. I finally got the third girl's face the way I wanted, after a couple drafts. I DO realize one of the girls features a skin tone is closer to white skin and what is mainstream and at first glance, doesn’t speak to the overreaching title of my series. I’m working through it though! Not sure whether to continue showing the full spectrum of skin tones or to move forward with using a darker hue on that particular face.